Our Philosophy

RYSA’s Rec soccer program is designed to teach players soccer skills, teamwork and sportsmanship in an environment where participation and fun are the focus, not competition. The philosophy of the RYSA Recreational Soccer program is to ensure that all Rochester area youth have the opportunity to learn the game of soccer. The program provides a low-cost, safe and structured soccer experience for all area youth in grades 1-12 and can serve as a starting point before moving to more competitive programs.


Would your REC team like to play in the Rochester Invitational Tournament or an MYSA Festival or Tournament?

REC + is an intermediate program designed to allow the REC players an opportunity to participate in competition outside the RYSA Recreation League. REC + teams may play REC + games, invitational tournaments, MYSA sponsored recreational festivals, Tide American Cup or “friendly” games.

Note: If you want to travel to an out of state tournament, there are additional rules and forms to complete.

For more detailed information, click here to view the MYSA Policies.

If you have questions, contact the Director of Coaching at rysadirector@gmail.com.

Team Formation

Teams are formed based on age, not grade. Some players from your REC team may not be able to play on the same REC + team as Recreation League teams are formed based on grade. To determine what team your players are eligible for, go to this MYSA birth year. If you decide to form a mixed-age team, you will be placed in the older age group. This should only be done if the majority of the team is in the older age level. REC + teams may roster as follows:

  1. U9-U10 teams must have at least 8 players and no more than 12 registered;
  2. U11-U12 teams must have at least 10 players and no more than 14 registered;
  3. U13-U19 teams must have at least 11 players and no more than 18 registered.

If you can’t find enough players from your current RYSA REC team, you can ask other REC players registered with another RYSA Rec team to play. Players can be from different RYSA Rec teams, but teams cannot be formed using tryouts. All Players must have the same color shirts and preferably two sets that are different colors (recreation league shirts are ok).

Each player must play at least ½ of each game except for reasons of injury, illness or discipline.


Teams need to register as a Rec + team one month before the first tournament they want to play in. Coaches collect the following and bring the information for the entire team to RYSA office:

  • Photocopy of each players birth certificate
  • $20 check from each player plus tournament registration fee (covers MYSA fees)

RYSA will register teams and will receive player passes from MYSA about 2 weeks after forms are submitted. Once the player passes are received, the team manager will need to get a small picture of each player and attach that to the player pass, have the player sign it, and then laminate it to take to the tournaments.


$20 check from each player plus tournament registration fee (covers MYSA fees).

If Rec + teams want to play in other tournaments besides Rochesterfest, the team will need to collect and manage those other tournament registration fees themselves. Information on other tournaments is available here.


Coaches will need to complete and carry these forms to the tournament registration and games. Make and keep a master copy of each form as some tournaments keep a copy.

  • Emergency Medical Treatment
  • Team Roster
  • Game lineup (for each game)
Special Considerations

As a Rec + team, you're still bound by MYSA rules and modifications. For example, if you're in a small-sided age group, you can only play in tournaments that play small-sided games.